Profile of Directors

Mr. Abdul Samad Dawood
(Director/Chief Executive officer)

Mr. Abdul Samad Dawood is currently managing compliance affairs at DJM Securities Ltd. He has previously worked in Financial & Equity Markets and worked under various capacities of research including an Internship Programme at Engro Corporation while gaining handful of experience. At a very young age he has attained significant accomplishments in his career. He holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting Specialization from the University Of Western Ontario, Canada. He has completed his MSc in Accounting and Finance from Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Yaqoob Jan Muhammad
(Director/Company Secretary)

Mr. Yaqoob Jan Muhammad is a seasoned and respected businessman enjoying impeccable credentials in the country. Mr. Yaqoob Jan Muhammad brings with him practical knowledge of dealing with the equity markets and was instrumental in the launching and the management of several new businesses in the country. Mr. Yaqoob Jan Mohammed brings to the organization over twenty years of practical experience of the equity markets and is a member of our advisory team.

Mrs. Sumya Abdul Qadir

Mrs. Sumya Abdul Qadir – comes from an illustrious business family and gained vast experience in the equity market. As a family person she focuses on participation in policy formulations, implementation and follow up with hands-on experience in compliance area.