About DJM

About Us

DJM Securities Limited was established in June 17, 2002 under the Companies Ordinance of 1984 to provide specialized financial services to both the institutional and private sector in the area of both local and international equity and future markets. DJM Securities Limited is a TREC Holders: Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and brings, through its team of highly experienced, trained and qualified management, a personal and pro-active style of advisory services with a view to both educate and serve the ever evolving needs of our clients


At DJM Securities Limited our business model is driven by providing our customers with the tools and analysis to make value-added decision. Our success is contingent on your success, and it is this realization that makes us uniquely pro-active to your needs our well researched, incisive and timely analysis will provide our clients with the best tools in managing their risk; which given the state of the worlds equity markets is the key to success and above all the foundations of preserving one’s capital. We invite you to call us and arrange us an appointment, so that we may without any obligation on your part, evaluate your needs and structure the services that you require. You will also get a chance to review our products and meet our analysis.